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Rossie and Jay have left the building

25th October 2012 | JD Parties | Parties | Blackstripe
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Today we have been so excited as the plans for the Christmas Party Spectacular in the Grand Marquee Knowsley Safari Park are really coming together.
Hosting the event this year is Rossie and Jay plus Simon Greening and Lee Butler from Radio City who will be truly amazing playing all your party favourites which is guaranteed to get everyone on the dance floor.

Now as jobs go when you are organising an event of this scale there is plenty to do and one of today’s ‘chores’ involved meeting with Rossie and Jay to talk through the night’s entertainment. It was great to see them in the office and put ‘a face to a voice’ we all know so well and can’t fail to recognise. Going through the itinerary with them was very rewarding as you could see their enthusiasm building for what we know is going to be a Christmas party with a difference.

Rossie commented at the scope of the venue, catering and the live entertainment apart from his and the other DJ’s involvement.

The shows without doubt are going to be incredible. The detail which has gone into the planning of each of the three shows is really quite spectacular – we can’t wait.

After a photo call and farewells Rossie and Jay left the building and we got back to work! The excitement in the office today is probably miniscule compared to on the night.
If you don’t want to miss out on an evening your will never forget be sure to visit www.jdparties.co.uk where you can book on line or call: 0845 7573043


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