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We’ve got your party all wrapped up!

14th November 2012 | Parties | Blackstripe
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You brought out the bunting for the Jubilee, felt inspired to join a gym after the Olympics, survived the 6 weeks school holidays – despite the rain, dressed up like a Zombie for Halloween, oohed and aahed at the fireworks and started, or in some cases, finished the Christmas shopping so what’s left?

You have the nagging feeling you haven’t done something but what is it? The adverts are telling us the best place to buy our Christmas food, the new John Lewis advert is out and THE Christmas advert has had it’s first airing, so we know Christmas is on its way but still that nagging feeling … and then someone in the officer asks, “So where are we having the Christmas party this year?â€.  The nagging feeling disappears and time stops as you realise all those lovely Christmas party brochures you have been receiving all year, yes the ones you pushed to one side, are still piled up on your desk and you haven’t booked anything!!!

Fear not, JD Parties present the Christmas and New Year’s Eve Party Spectaculars each hosting up to 1,500 guests, making them the biggest and most glamorous parties around.

The menus have been carefully selected, offering a delicious 3 course menu combining modern and classic dishes, prepared by our brigade of award winning chefs.

The wines have been carefully chosen to compliment each course.

The props have been specially built and rehearsals have been taking place for months and spectacular costumes have been specially designed to dazzle.

Now the party can begin! Be prepared for a night of pure entertainment with stars from T.V.’s Sky One Got to Dance and X Factor dancers as well as West End stars performing under a canopy of 10,000 twinkling lights.

At Tatton Park, your guests will be wowed by an extravaganza of music and dance from around the world, Masquerade at Knowsley is a voyage of discovery into a fantastic and mysterious world of music and dance, and spectacular costumes and you enter a glittering world of high drama, glamour and romance of 19th century Paris at The ICC Birmingham.

Join in the fun and dress to impress, with prizes for balloon modelling and dance competitions (believe us this is funnier than it sounds).

And now the show has got you in the mood for dancing, it’s your turn to dance the night away with a little help from Rob Ellis and Rachel from Manchester’s 102 Capital FM at Tatton and Radio City’s Rossie, Jay, Simon Greening and Lee Butler at Knowsley.

So go on, before you miss out on the chance to be a part of this Christmas Party Spectacular, book online now: www.jdparties.co.uk or call: 0845 757 3043 and give your colleagues and friends the best party night they will ever have been too!

PS: Don’t leave it too long, some nights have already sold out.

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