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Now let’s get this party started!!

30th November 2012 | JD Parties | Blackstripe
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You have chosen your menu, pre ordered the drinks, everyone knows where and what time to get there; all there is to do now is get ready to have the time of your life.
I imagine you thought you had lots of time to ‘make yourself look gorgeous’ then all of a sudden you realise the night is not that far away; and yes you are right as the party season starts tonight at Tatton Park and Knowsley Safari Park and Friday 7th Dec 12 at The ICC.
So you don’t miss any of those last minute preparations let us help you get the party started!
Is your dress all sorted or do you still need to pick it up from the dry cleaners – check out the opening times as that would be the nightmare of nightmares! Especially if your partners dinner jacket is there too!
Have you booked your hair appointment, of course you have and while you’re there see if they are able to fit you in for a manicure.
If you have decided to really treat yourself why not see if you can have your make up done too, lots and lots of glitter is needed ladies so if you’re not comfortable to do this yourself go on; spoil yourself. This is truly a night with a difference so you need to pull out all the stops and look as glamorous as possible.
Oh and of course your mask for Knowsley Safari Park! Let’s not forget the finishing touches. Have a little practise with your mask as you want to feel confident with it – and don’t just go for the Venetian look – go on be adventurous, try something a little different, don’t’ forget prizes for best dressed table is up for grabs!
Now you are looking like something off a New York catwalk it is time for your ‘carriage’ to arrive. If you are not drinking then I am sure you are driving so have you sorted who you are taking and do they know not to be late as you don’t want to miss out of the pre-dinner entertainment.
If you are not driving what time is your lift due to collect you? We all know taxis can be a problem this time of year so don’t leave it to chance and if you haven’t already looked one then give them a call now. There is nothing worse than trying to get a taxi last minute and you know that everyone from your party will already be there. Also see if they’re able to do a return trip – don’t you just hate having to call for a taxi at the end of the night so with a little cajoling the driver might come back for you.
So now I think everything is in place and you are ready to go. You are in plenty of time so have a look in the mirror and yes what a result – Spectacular – just like the night you are going to have!


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