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The Do’s and Don’ts of the Office Christmas Party

25th October 2013 | JD Parties | Blackstripe
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We’ve all heard the cringeworthy stories of when Sue from HR or worse, YOU got so drunk at the Office Christmas Party that you told a colleague exactly what you thought of them and fell flat on your face in the middle of the dance floor whilst twerking your behind off to Destiny Child’s ‘8 Days of Christmas’, all right in front of your Boss.

So, to ensure you have the time of your life without having to face the subsequent walk of shame back to your desk the next morning, we’ve compiled a few tips on the do’s and more importantly don’ts for your Office Christmas Party.


– Eat as many canapés as you can. Champagne receptions are a great start for getting you in the mood for your Christmas partying, but be aware of over hospitable waiters filling up your glass when you’re not looking. Before you know it you’ve downed 5 glasses of bubbly and started slurring your words and swaying with a glassy eyed grin on your face, before you’ve even sat down to dinner. Sip it slow and keep your stomach lined.

– Keep your conversation light and interesting, it’s Christmas and no one wants to discuss the current financial crisis or global warming. Ask about your colleague’s family and their upcoming plans for Christmas and New Year.

– Steer away from the office gossip! The office gossip + alcohol is never going to end well, don’t get involved!

– Think ahead and turn up with a positive mental attitude and a smile. Good days, bad days – Pah, everyone’s had them but it’s time to leave them behind, it’s still a party so relax, smile and enjoy yourself!


– Wear anything too revealing or that crudely funny tie you’ve been saving for a festive occasion. Yes, it’s a party but you’re still in a professional environment and fellow colleagues won’t appreciate an awkward eyeful of cleavage or your bad taste in humour!

– Post or Tweet what you may think at the time are hilarious photos of your drunken colleagues or peers, but it can only end in tears when they realise an embarrassing photo’s out there for the world to like and comment on!

– Hog the Boss. You may be in the running for a promotion next year but cornering your Boss for an hour to give them a summary of ALL the great work you’ve done this year, well it just isn’t the time or the place. They’re there to mingle with everyone and enjoy themselves too.

– Leave too early, whether you’re raring to go and meet friends in town or it’s the most boring party you’ve ever been to, stick around! If you leave in the first half an hour, it’ll be noted.

– Finally, DON’T demand a pay rise, hand in your notice, phone in sick or turn up late the morning after!

So there you have it, follow these tips and you can’t go too far wrong. Take it from us, we’ve been doing this long enough now to know how to make the most of a Christmas party. The main thing to remember is that you’re there to have fun!

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