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6 Reasons to Book your Christmas Party in February!

6th February 2014 | JD Parties | Other | Parties | Blackstripe
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It’s February, the month of love, and probably not the time of year you’d ordinarily be thinking about booking your Christmas party – but getting that festive celebration organised now isn’t as crazy as you might think.

Unfortunately the days when the boss paid for the entire party are long gone – these days there is a huge increase in departments organising their own parties, or companies giving an allowance to each employee towards their departmental party, and that’s why you need to rally those troops to get your party organised now!

If you are reading this article, it’s probably because you are the ‘chosen one’ – the party organiser! You’ve landed the small task of organising your department’s festive fun, so we thought we’d let you know why booking your Christmas party in February is a good idea…

It will make your life easier – everyone is still on a high from the last year’s Christmas party (if you attended one of our fab JD Parties, that is!) If last year’s celebration wasn’t a JD Party then now’s your chance to make sure this year’s IS – you won’t regret it!

It gives everyone the chance to make a contribution each month, so they won’t have a find a chunk of money just before Christmas – not only does this help with                budgeting, it also ensures that come November everyone will have plenty of money to grab that fab outfit!

In the dreary months of February and March, it gives everybody something to look forward to, something to get excited about – and you can make that happen.

You get the date you want, at the party you want – and because you are booking early, YOU get the best seats in the house.

In times of uncertainty a planned party gives staff and friends the feeling of loyalty and commitment – and that’s priceless.

And it gives you the smug-ability factor all year. You can bask in the glory of having organised and taken care of your Christmas Party – 10 months earlier than everyone else!

So do your research now, don’t be one of those people left running around in September grabbing whatever tickets are left – make 2014‘s party one to remember, and make those party plans now.

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