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Manchester’s Forbidden Christmas Parties

29th September 2014 | JD Parties Staff
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1919 America saw the Prohibition era come into force, a ban on the manufacture, sale and transportation of alcohol, which in turn saw the rise of hidden drinking establishments known as speakeasies, which popped up all over the States usually in basements and attics or disguised as businesses run by gangsters, until the era came to an end in 1933.

Speakeasies started off as hidden back rooms with nothing more than a couple of chairs and a few bottles of unpalatable liquor.  As their popularity increased over the years, they began to introduce entertainment in the form of swing and jazz musicians, became populated with the iconic flapper girls, celebrities and rich businessmen who would frequent these illegal bars for a night of forbidden drinking, dancing and unadulterated fun behind closed doors!

This year, for Christmas and New Year 2014 we’re bringing the opulence and mystery of the Prohibition era back by transforming the Starlit Pavilion at Tatton Park in to a 1920s speakeasy with grand theming and magnificent decoration.

If you’re planning on really getting in to character at the Speakeasy Ball, here are a few ‘mob speak’ phrases for you to practice in preparation:

Giggle water, jag juice, tiger milk – Bootlegged alcohol

You slay me – That’s too funny!

What’s eating you? What’s wrong?

A Mrs Grundy – A goody 2 shoes

Getaway sticks – Legs

Celebrate the festive season and ring in the New Year with your colleagues, friends and family with an unforgettable night at the Speakeasy Ball. Book online or call us today on 0844 318 3903

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