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Why you should book your Christmas party now!

25th March 2015 | JD Parties Staff
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For those of you who have attended one of our spectacular Christmas parties before (and they really are spectacular), you will know the answer to the question ‘why you should book your Christmas party now’ but for those of you who are saying, “Christmas! In March! Really??!!” then this is written especially for you….

  1. It gives your colleagues and staff something to look forward to
    It may seem so far away but telling your staff the Christmas party is already booked gives them a reassurance which is priceless, it’s a lovely way of letting them know the company is in a comfortable position or that you see them as a team member and they will still be a part of the team in 9 months time.
  2. You get the best seats in the house
    Our Christmas parties can accommodate up to 1,400 people. We spend a lot of time and effort making sure there are no ‘bad seats’ at the party but if you want front row tables to watch the show, or to be near the dance floor so you can be first up to strut-your-stuff at the ‘dance-off’ then the earlier you book, the closer you are to the stage and dance floor
  3. It takes the stress away
    We take bookings from the 1 January – and you would be surprised just how many people book on New Year’s Day – all the way up to the actual party date but the majority of people book after the summer holidays. Can you imagine coming back from your holiday all lovely and refreshed after their summer break only to find you have been put in charge of booking the Christmas Do – so if you book now, there is no pressure and you can take your time. The dates and venue you want will still be available and that last minute panic of trying to book whatever is left in November, has been well taken care of – so you can spend the rest of the year feeling pretty happy about a job well done.TH-2014-12-13-JDParty-ICC-Birmingham-4311
  4. Plenty of time to get outfits sorted
    Our Christmas parties are not fancy dress but so many of you love to dress to the theme, so by booking this early in the year it gives you much more time to find that perfect outfit! And why not turn it into a competition throughout the year, the best outfit, the best dressed table etc.IMG_5738
  5. Time to save
    If you are booking with a group of friends or family or your department has decided to have their own party this year, it’s easier to pay monthly instead of finding a big chunk of money for tickets, taxis, outfits and drinks just before the lead up to Christmas – so it’s one less thing taken care of and all you need to do on the night is have lots and lots of fun!
  6. You will have the smugability factor
    Book now for either your work, a group of friends or a great family night out and you can be one of those people who can smugly post on Facebook you have just booked your Christmas party and let everyone know just have organised you are!
    The true smugability factor!


So go on, what are you waiting for … let’s get your party started and book your tickets online or give one of us a call, as we love a good chat!

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