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What is a speakeasy?

9th July 2015 | JD Parties Staff
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This year our Liverpool themed Christmas party is a roaring twenties Speakeasy but if you’re not familiar with the top secret bars of times gone by, listen up as we’re about to reveal exactly what is a speakeasy as we transform one of Liverpool’s most iconic venues into the hottest gin joint in town!

IMG_6252 The term ‘speakeasy’ originated in America. During the 1920s when a law was passed prohibiting alcohol, which became known as the time of Prohibition. Many people didn’t take too kindly to this new law, so the ‘speakeasy’ was born. Speakeasies were secret venues where illegal alcohol beverages were sold during the Prohibition.  The drink of choice was gin – so many speakeasies became top secret gin joints!

we want beer

To gain access into the secret world of the speakeasies, you had to know the password, so the doorman could distinguish between visitors and federal agents.

When ordering a drink at the bar, drinkers were told to “speak easy” which meant they had to act relaxed and not draw attention to themselves by speaking too quickly or being too nervous. And the name ‘speakeasy’ was born!


Slang words used to order alcoholic beverages to fool the law officials from finding out about the speakeasies were words such as:

Coffin varnish,

White mule

Horse liniment

Monkey rum

Panther sweat

Rot gut

Speakeasies became synonymous with gangs who supplied the liquor, such as Al Capone and his gang. Jazz bands were the preferred choice of entertainment and the 1920s saw the birth of a new kind of woman – a woman who smoked, drank, danced and voted! They cut their hair, wore make-up, were giddy and took risks. The women became known as flappers and they would dance the night away to the sound of the roaring twenties, drinking gin and being the centre of attention at a speakeasy.

photo 1

To transport the alcohol (or liquor as the Americans call it) to the speakeasies, people used everything from hip flasks, false books and coconut shells, to hot water bottles and garden hosepipes. The liquor was even stored in babies’ prams.

Hustling alcohol over the boarders became a major business, making the Prohibition and speakeasies some of the most secretive and rebellious events to happen in the 1920s.

Prohibition Agents Inspecting Bootleggers Truck

It’s now 2015 and we have brought Prohibition back as we bring the opulence and mystery of a 1920s speakeasy back to life. The venue is top secret but as you seem to be our kind of people, we are going to tell you its location! This year’s Speakeasy Ball takes place at Liverpool’s world famous Aintree Racecourse, as JD Parties transforms it into the biggest gin joint in town! But hush, only tell those who already have a ticket!!

photo 2

Click here for the secret password. This will take you to our secret head office page where we will issue you with your own seats once you have bought your top-secret tickets.

On the night of the speakeasy, dress to impress as you embrace the true style of the twenties – think dropped waists, bobs, Greta Garbo and of course Coco Chanel.

photo 3

For the men, imagine yourself as an Al Capone or the great Gatsby himself – bling, glitz and glamour and you might win yourselves a bottle of bubbly for the best-dressed table!


With a nod and a wink at the barman as you arrive at the party; you will be given a glass of bubbly to get your party started. If you are given your drink it means you have passed the test and we know you are not an undercover agent – we will then allow you to enter the Christmas party of your life!


This Christmas, you will attend a party like no other at the Speakeasy Ball at Aintree Racecourse. And like all good speakeasies we have to hide the main event, in case of a raid, so you will be held in the gin joint where we will entertain you with our very own Moonshine boys who play as much jazz and smokey blues as you can handle!

Aintree Speakeasy Singers Liverpool - JD Parties

Once we have the all clear from the gang, we can lead you through to the main party with our grand reveal and from here on we invite you into the ultimate Christmas party experience – excessively extravagant, special effects and specialty acts, a West End style roaring twenties show, a DJ, charity fun casino and an added extra at this speakeasy … we will serve you a sumptuous three course meal and of course, in case we do need to make a quick get away, you can jump on the dodgems!

Speakeasy Room - Aintree Racecourse liverpool

Hollywood ball 2015 - Fun Charity CasinoJD Party Christmas ballonsJD Parties Christmas DodgemsFoodSo there you have it folks – if you are wondering what a Speakeasy is, then head over to Aintree Racecourse this Christmas for a rip-roaring, gin soaked, jazz dancing, 1920s themed night of fun. The Speakeasy Ball is the ultimate Christmas party experience!  All you need to do to be a part of the hottest party in town is call our top secret hotline on 0844 318 3903 or book online.


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