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What to do in the summer holidays?

23rd July 2015 | JD Parties Staff

School is out for the summer and with it brings the question, what to do in the summer  holidays? It also brings back childhood memories of endless weeks with nothing to do but have fun, play with friends and have adventures. In a world which seems permanently stuck in fast-forward, where there never seems enough time in the day and the to-do list grows bigger and bigger each day, lets take a few minutes to reminsce to the good old days when the six week holiday seemed like a lifetime.


We seemed to have more freedom – the world seemed safer. Pack a backpack with a ham sandwich, a Dairylea triangle and a packet of pink wafers and you were ready for a mini-adventure. Cycling one mile seemed like you had cycled to a different time zone; it seemed so far away and was filled with excitement. Those were the days when ‘the man of the house’ went to work in the one family car so from 9am – 5pm the roads where empty and the roads were for bikes!



Whether you like ice cream or not – and which child doesn’t – the words “would you like an ice-cream?” was the ultimate treat. It was also code to let you know you were behaving yourselves, which meant more treats to come! The sound of the ice cream van was instantly recognisable and the highlight of the day was picking which sauce you were going to have on your 99er ice cream that day.

photo 8photo 7


Every year, normally after watching The Goonies, it would be decided this was the year of the den. This was the year of the ultimate treehouse!

For weeks (although the project was normally abandoned after just a few days) the tree house or den would be planned, material would be sourced, sometimes even a trip to the library would be involved to find a book on how to make the best treehouse and every year, the ultimate treehouse was lovingly built piece by piece until it looked like this…..

photo 2

Although everyone else actually saw this when they looked at the finished project……

photo 1


Who remembers the outdoor swimming pool? And of course, we all remember how much hotter it was back in the day!

In 1934, Lord Leverhulme opened the UK’s largest outdoor swimming pool in New Brighton with its magnificent art deco styling and high diving board. This pool (or lido as they became known) and the one that was built in Southport saw hundreds of thousands of people flock there every year. Many a childhood day was spent swimming in the pools, with the big slides, daring each other to jump off the top diving board. And I bet many of you can still remember the mouthful of salty water as you forgot to close your mouth as you jumped in! These lidos were closed down in the 80’s and 90’s due to the increase of foreign holidays to warmer climates and the cost to run the pools but there was nothing better than having a full day out at the outdoor pool.

photo 5


The six-week summer holiday meant one thing – camping or caravanning! Which actually meant waiting for the hottest day of the year, cramming as many children into the back of the car as you could fit, then filling any extra space with as much luggage, bedding and camping equipment as you could. Tying bikes to the roof with bits of rope and setting off for a camping trip, where you were classed as being very lucky if you made it 15 miles without the car overheating. According to the parents, this was all part of the fun and the journey that should have taken 2 hours, but actually took 6 hours because there was no sat-nav and they were lost, was called a ‘magically mystery tour’.

photo 3


Once you finally arrived at the campsite or caravan park, the week ahead was filled with so much fun. With all the other kids, being allowed to roam freely, eating ice cream, riding bikes, building tents – basically everything you had been doing at home but with 10 times more people, so 10 times more fun – and of course, 10 times hotter!

photo 9

This was the perfect time to hunt for insects, catch butterflies and dig up worms – admit it, if it wasn’t you, we all had one friend who wouldn’t join in with the game of rounders or paddle in the sea as they were on a mission to hunt for insects.

photo 4

So this is what we remember when we think back to the glorious, sun-filled days of the long six-week holiday….. but back to reality!

If you have children it just means you need to find grandparents, friends, clubs to look after them because your boss doesn’t seem to follow the six-week holiday rule.

If you have no children, you may have noticed from today, your journey time to work took a little less time, you were able to get a precious seat on the train or bus or a very rare car parking space was available when you got to work – so you see, it still has a few benefits.

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