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Speakeasy Slang

13th August 2015 | JD Parties Staff
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Do you know your onions when it comes to 1920s slang? Want to learn how to talk like the mob and mingle with the crowd at this year’s Speakeasy Christmas party at Aintree Racecourse? Then read on guys and dolls!


Ankle – to walk
Applesauce – horsefeathers
Bearcat – a lively, spirited woman, possibly with a fiery streak
Berries – something is good, desirable or pleasing “sounds like berries to me”
Bimbo – a macho man
Bluenose – a term for a killjoy
Cancelled stamp – a shy, lonely female ‘wallflower’
Cash – a smooch
Cheaters – glasses or bifocals
Darb – something wonderful
Dewdropper – a slacker or someone who is unemployed

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Don’t take any wooden nickels – don’t do anything dumb
Dumb dora – an unintelligent woman
Egg – a person who leads an extraordinary wealthy, extravagant lifestyle
Flour flusher – someone who takes money off others to pretend to have wealth
Gasper – cigarette
Giggle water – alcoholic beverage
Handcuff – engagement ring
Hotsy totsy – pleasing to the eye

Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 15.39.55
Icy mitt – rejection from the object of one’s affection
Iron one’s shoelaces – excuse oneself to go to the restroom
Jake – everything is fine
Jorum of skee – a swig of hard liquor
Know your onions – to know what’s going on
Manacle – wedding ring
Mazuma – cash, money, notes
Mrs Grundy – an uptight or very straight-laced individual
Noodle juice – tea
Now you’re on the trolley – now you have it right
Oliver Twist – an extremely good dancer
On a toot – on a drinking binge


Ossified – drunk
Quilt – an alcoholic beverage that keeps you warm
Panther piss – whiskey, home-made
Petting pantry – the cinema
Phonus balonus – that’s nonsense
Sheba – someone’s girlfriend
Sockdollager – an event or action of great importance
Tell it to Sweeney – when you believe something to be untrue
Whoopee – to have a good time


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