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Festival tips from JD Parties

21st June 2016 | JD Parties Staff

So you’ve got your wellies and your sunglasses packed, but are you feeling prepared? Here are a few handy tips to help you survive the festival season.


1. Bring a head lamp – you may look a little silly, but you’ll love having your hands free whilst searching for your toothbrush when the sun’s gone down. You can buy them from Argos or Decathlon.


2. Use the same head lamp and strap it to a large bottle of water, this will fill your tent with a helpful ambient glow. This video will show you how to make one.


3. Wet wipes, or baby wipes. These are a real life saver for those campers who like to feel at least a little bit refreshed each day, and instant hand sanitizer will keep your hands sparkling.


4. Toilet roll. Need we say any more?


5. Try and get yourself one proper meal every day, you need to keep up your stamina! We recommend a banana each morning as well, and lots of water… if you’re feeling a bit delicate after a night (and day!) of drinking.


6. Ikea bags are perfect for carrying your stuff to the campsite and for keeping things dry if it rains.


7. Learn these hairstyles that don’t require brushes and straighteners for great looking hair even on the last day like this triple twist ponytail


8. A roll of bin-bags has a multitude of uses including emergency ponchos and even emergency wellies and of course packing up your stuff afterwards.


9. Don’t forget a backup phone battery. Our favourite is a Rav Power Portable Charger External Battery Pack – it can charge 36 iPhones (wow!) and comes with a built in torch (just in case your head lamp fails). If you’re feeling brave you could ditch your smart phone all together and dig out your old Nokia 3310 – that battery lasts for days!


10. And lastly think of something happy when you are using day three festival toilets. We suggest you think of your Christmas party to help get you to your happy place in no time at all.


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