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8 Unique Christmas Party Theme Ideas

30th August 2016 | Parties | JD Parties Staff

As our favourite festive season draws near, you should prepare for a major Christmas-themed celebration. A party will be much better received if it’s adorned with all the elements that make Christmas. Here’s a list of eight Christmas party theme ideas to incorporate into your next end-of-the-year celebration.

1. The Roaring 1920s

What was a Christmas party like in the 1920s? We think we have a good idea. Think The Great Gatsby or the 2003 musical film Chicago. Images of flapper girls and the Prohibition should come to mind. Incorporate live entertainment with performers dressed in 20s attire.

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Your guests will feel like they are transported back in time to an era of speakeasies and mobsters. Entertainment can also include poker, blackjack, and other card game tables where guests can play for fun or place chips on the line. Money earned can be donated to a charity of your choosing.

The roaring 20s is among JD Parties’ Christmas party themes that it holds every year at The ICC, Birmingham.

2. Alpine Ball

The Alpine ball is another one of JD Parties’ Christmas party themes that’s set in a5-star ski resort. The festivities include a three-course meal to be enjoyed in front of live entertainment. Other activities include a live dance off and fun competition where winners can win a round of drinks for guests on their table.

Guests can also try their hand at a number of casino games; participation fees are donated to charitable causes. Finally, be sure to capture the moment using the facility’s resident photographer. The night ends with a dance off where attendees can just let loose and dance until the early morning.

alpine ball, christmas party themes, jdparties

3. Christmas Movie Party

This is among the top Christmas party theme ideas for children’s parties. The little ones can be kept entertained with a movie and hot cocoa while the adults enjoy other forms of entertainment.

So what movies can you show? There’s no shortage of holiday film classics! If you want to go retro, then films like It’s a Wonderful Life or a Christmas Story are good choices. The choice is yours, new or old, put on a festive favourite!

[su_box title=”An easy game to play”]To add a little flavor to movie night, you can even add a caveat. You can have the guests, for example, take a sip of their drink or bite of their food whenever someone in the movie says “Christmas.”[/su_box]

4. Willy Wonka Theme

Willy Wonka makes for a great tie-in theme for a Christmas celebration. This is essentially a dessert party where all sorts of chocolate delights are served. You could serve a main dinner course or let the sweet confections be the main food source.

Get creative and consider items like chocolate-coated candy canes, a chocolate fondue, or a station for guests to make their own chocolate sundae. There can also be a station where guests can make their own take-home treats to enjoy at home or to give as a gift.


Guests may feel guilty afterwards for over indulging, but they will satisfy their sweet tooth. Aside from chocolate foods, you can also consider chocolate-flavored drinks. There’s the conventional hot cocoa, but this can also include chocolate-spiced cocktails for the grown ups.

As for a movie, if you decide to show one, then the choice is obvious: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Both the original and the remake with Johnny Depp will suffice.

5. New York Theme

Instead of going to New York, bring New York to you and your guests. A New York backdrop is among the top Christmas party themes especially for guests that never ventured to the Big Apple. JD Parties is hosting a New York-themed christmas party this year at Tatton Park. This provides a picturesque scene complete with open parkland and wildlife.

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The entertainment is diverse and includes live entertainment based on a New York-specific theme. There is also an area for dodgems, a photographer, and dance competitions..

6. Murder Mystery

In lieu of a movie-themed event, create a murder mystery where the attendees become active participants of a movie plot. This is one of the more popular Christmas party themes for event planners that really want to encourage mingling and networking among the guests.

Basically, one of the guests is “murdered”, and it’s up to the other guests to assume a Sherlock Holmes-like role to determine the killer’s identity before he or she strikes again. There are various ways to host a murder mystery event. In some cases, actors or party staffers may assume certain scripted roles, or such roles may be relegated to selected guests.

Since the guest themselves are partaking in the entertainment directly, there is no need to bring in live performers. This makes this type of event an interactive and budget-friendly idea.

7. Nightmare Before Christmas Party

The Nightmare before Christmas was such a cult classic because it was a Christmas-themed movie with a gothic backdrop. This is one of our personal favorite Christmas party theme ideas when we want to incorporate darker decorations into a venue. When doing this, we like to use Halloween décor, including pumpkins, sometimes with a Christmas-inspired cutout.

[su_box title=”Christmas Music”]A playlist for the event can even include a mix of Christmas and Halloween songs. The latter can include classics like Monster Mash. If you plan on having a hired Santa, consider opting for someone to dress up instead as Jack Skellington.[/su_box]

8. Masquerade Ball

Masquerade balls are fitting for more formal events with a formal dress code. You could supply the masks, or you could instruct attendees to make their own. You can even give the whole event a Phantom of the Opera theme.

For this type of event, it’s great fun to have a fully serviceable bar with an assortment of cocktails.

A masquerade ball event can also be combined with a winter wonderland or White Christmas theme where a lot of white is used for the décor.

A masquerade ball also entails dancing, so consider hiring a live band. Also consider a prize for the pair that comes best dressed or that performs the best dance-off.

Make Sure Your Next Christmas Party Is Remembered

Did you find the article useful and enjoyable? Remember that JD Parties provides event planning not only for Christmas but also for New Year’s and a number of other occasions. We are the master when it comes to creative Christmas party themes, so leave the planning to us. Other planning services like Venueseeker and Concerto Group also provide essential services for event planners.




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