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Top 10 Jazz Bars in Manchester

23rd August 2016 | JD Parties Staff
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Who doesn’t love jazz? The minute you hear the music blaring, your natural instincts kick in for you to get on the dance floor and get your groove in. With jazz being such a celebrated music genre, it only makes sense that people want to spend their weekends at a jazz club in Manchester.

The Origin of Jazz Music

First, a brief history lesson is in order. Jazz originated in the United States, or more specifically, New Orleans, beginning in the late-1800s. The music was based on injustice and grievance of the African American community and the adversity they faced.

Originally, the music was sung at work or social functions and included simple hymns. By the 1920s, jazz reached its golden era. This was primarily the era between WWI and the start of the Great Depression.

Prominent performers of the era included musical legends like Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, Gertrude Rainey, and Bessie Smith just to list a few. Jazz can also be credited with the popularity of blues music and swing dancing, both of which arose as jazz became more commonplace in clubs and bars.

Here’s another fun jazz fact: the famous novel The Great Gatsby was based heavily on the Jazz age. The book’s author F. Scott Fitzgerald, in fact, was the person that coined the term “the jazz age.”

The Living Room Manchester

This Jazz club Manchester is one of the finest restaurants/bars in Deansgate. Aside from the excellent dining experience, the venue also hosts weekly live jazz and blues performances. The facility is exceptionally noted for its cocktails, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic varieties.

Living Room, jazz bars in manchester, jdparties


The venue can be reserved for a private group of two or for group party bookings. Rental of the facility also includes highly skilled and presentable bartenders that are versed in the art of mixology. Bartenders will also show guests how to concoct their own drinks made from scratch.

Booking of the Living Room Manchester includes use of the facility’s lounge, dining room, and the study room.

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Matt and Phred’s

Here’s another Jazz club Manchester famous for its live music performances that goes on six days out of the week. Aside from jazz, the place also regularly hosts performers of swing, gypsy, and folk music. While enjoying the music, patrons can try a number of beers and cocktails as well as a selection of pizzas and tapas-style dishes.

matt and phreds neon, jazz bars manchester, jdparties

The facility also has a 1920s charm, especially with the red neon entrance sign and the dimly lit interior. Several contemporary music legends have also performed at Matt and Phred’s including Adele and Jamie Cullum.

Check out this bar here!


The Sandbar is frequented by students and locals. It’s known for its wide range of exotic foods and drinks. The place is said to have a quirky atmosphere. For performers, though, the facility comes fully equipped with audio equipment, making the place a regular hotspot for performing jazz musicians.

sandbar, jazz bars in manchester, jdparties

Part of the facility’s old-feel vibe is due to the area’s history. The structure was originally a Georgian-style house, complete with an equally old-style fireplace. Some of the seating even consists of old bus seats.

The atmosphere is said to be a bit rickety and far from elegant. It’s exactly this unconventional vibe, however, that makes the place such a beloved hangout spot.

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This jazz club Manchester is located directly under a railroad arch and uses refurbished school furniture for seating. Food is also served on tin plates. Even so, the Gorilla is a much beloved venue that serves everything from burgers to meat-free pot roast. The whole place is somewhat known for having a happyish vibe.

gorilla bar manchester, jazz bars manchester, jdparties

The space also includes a bar and performance area where jazz musicians regularly perform. This consists of indie performers and even established ones. The venue comprises of two floors – a standard bar in the first floor and a gin parlor in the second.

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Soup Kitchen

The Soup Kitchen doesn’t really resemble a jazz club or a place for musical performances for that matter. It resembles a, well, a soup kitchen. Nevertheless, it’s a hometown favorite filled with casual eats. It’s also a nighttime hotspot where a number of traveling bands perform. The dingy atmosphere is actually what has guests continuously returning for more.

soup kitchen, jazz bars manchester, jd parties

Night time performances often include a number of jazz artists and DJs from the city limits or from out of town. Other musicians include artists from the bass and grime genre. It’s not unusual for performances to go on all night, sometimes lasting until sunrise the next morning.

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Night and Day Café

By day, the Night and Day Café is a restaurant serving the typical breakfast and lunch foods like sandwiches and wraps. By evening, however, the place turns into a night club with live music, often featuring prominent jazz musicians. It’s also during the night hours that the place serves its signature beers and ales.

This jazz club Manchester has the typical British pub atmosphere. Past notable performers include the Manic Street Preachers and Jessie J. The jazz performers normally consist of local and upcoming musicians.

night and day cafe, jazz bars in manchester, jdparties

Having started as a chip shop in 1991, the Night and Day Café has evolved to a local favorite in the heart of Northern Quarter.

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Band on the Wall

The venue consists of meeting rooms, a café bar, and breakout spaces, all of which are commonly rented out for corporate functions. The facility itself is also a historical landmark, having been around for over 200 years and having been a music venue since the 1930s. It was also previously known as the George and Dragon Pub before adopting its current name.

band on the wall, jazz bars manchester, jd parties

As soon as the facility became a musical venue, it hosted countless jazz musicians. Unfortunately, many of those performances went undocumented and became lost in time. All performances today, though, are archived.

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La Gitane

This Jazz club in Manchester is one of the more luxurious and contemporary bars in the city. It’s situated directly below its sister venue, the Café Istanbul, and is equipped with a bar. The establishment frequently entertains its guests with live music, often consisting of local jazz artists and musicians of other genres.

la gitane, jazz bars in manchester, jd parties

One of the venue’s more notable performers is Cuban Vida. The band is known for its jazz music that includes a flavor of Latin funk and reggae. Another frequent performer of La Gitane is Jeremy Sassoon, a well-known figure in the jazz genre who often perform at sell-out gigs.

Check out this bar here!

The Hillary Step

The Hillary Step is a Cask Marque bar with an extensive range of drinks, including a choice of 25 different malt whiskies. More importantly, the bar is known for its Jazz Sundays, featuring a different jazz musician every week. The admission is free for audience members, and the show begins at 9:00 pm and often lasting until early morning.

the hillary steps, jazz bars manchester, jd parties

Past performers of Jazz Sundays have included artists like Dean Stockdale, Paul Farr, Adam Fairhall, and Franny Eubank.

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Albert Hall

Albert Hall is a historical landmark and was even the venue for one of Winston Churchill’s speeches. Today, the venue hosts a number of musical performances, including jazz and other musical genres.

albert hall, jazz bars in manchester, jdparties


This top jazz club in Manchester includes a dark wood paneled corridor adorned with stained glass windows on the walls. The venue is two stories, and the architecture is absolutely gorgeous. First-time visitors are often blown away and are mesmerized by the venue just as much as they are by the performers.

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Jazz Has Come a Long Way

In the 100-plus years of jazz history, the music genre has only continued to evolve while retaining its humble origins. Even though jazz originated in the U.S., the culture today is a part of UK culture.

So, of the bars listed, which one would you attend on any given day and why? They all have their unique and respective charm. As for the jazzy 1920s, that era might be long gone, but its legacy lives on in a number of modern jazz clubs, and — of course — in the spirit of JD Parties’ New York, New York Christmas party.

Keep in mind that JD Parties hosts a number of shared events for Christmas parties and New Year’s Eve celebrations in various locations across the UK.

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