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8 Corporate Christmas Party Entertainment Ideas

27th October 2016 | Parties | JD Parties Staff

At the end of a hard year of work, there is nothing employees look forward to more than the work Christmas party. It’s a chance to kick back, let down their hair, and mingle with their work buddies.

We know that planning a work Christmas party is a big job. You want to make sure it’s fun for the employees, but you’re usually  operating on a limited budget. So how can you find the balance between epic and cost-effective?

Here’s our simple tip: find the right entertainment!

We don’t deny that you need good food and plenty of drinks, but the entertainment for Christmas parties is what will make the event truly memorable. Our JD Parties experts prioritise on finding the best party entertainment ideas before we ever plan the menu or look for venues.

Not sure what will work for your company? Check out our Christmas party entertainment ideas below and see if any strike you as the kind of thing your employees would love:

1. Stand-Up Comedian

What could be better for relaxing than laughing at jokes? If you want to give your employees a great , a stand-up comedian is definitely the way to go!

Stand-up comedians can be found in just about every city or town, and many of them are happy to perform the corporate party circuit. In fact, many of them dedicate themselves to corporate entertainment, writing jokes and coming up with material specifically for your company and party.

Comedy is one of the best corporate Christmas party entertainment ideas, simply because everyone loves to laugh. After a busy year of work, it’s a wonderful way to help your employees blow off steam. Plus, it ends the year on a positive note.

Your guests will walk away from your corporate Christmas party smiling and still laughing at the jokes. That makes for a positive impression, one that will translate into more positivity when the Christmas break is over and they have to come back to work.

2. Dodgems


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There are very few things more stress-busting  than getting into a bumper car and driving full speed at your co-workers!

This is a chance for your employees to have fun, laugh, and let off some steam.

If it’s done in the right spirit, this could be one of the most fun party ideas ever. We all love a bit of competition!

3. Interactive Video and Photo Booths

Everyone has come to the Christmas party dressed in their best, so why not give them a chance to capture their finery in a photo or video?

Photo booths can be a great way for your employees to take home a memento of their Christmas party. They’ll also have something to look forward to next year. Plus, it makes for great photos to share on social media.

Video booths are a bit more complex, but no less fun. Everyone can get a chance to say something short, which will go into the company Christmas video.

Play the video on the first day back at work, and it will remind your employees of the fun they had at the Christmas party. That will be a pick-me-up to defeat the “back at work blues”.

4. Charity Casino Tables


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A bit of gambling can always be a fun way to let your employees party hearty!

One of our favourite party themes involves a casino setup, complete with Blackjack tables, a Roulette wheel, and a Poker tournament. They get the chance to participate in an epic tournament, and their buy-in goes toward the charitable organisation.

For those with more competitive employees who enjoy a bit of gambling (all legal, of course, because no money is changing hands), we recommend this as one of the best entertainment ideas. After all, your employees have a chance to try their hand at casino games, all while competing for a good cause.

5.    Bar Games

Darts, billiards, foosball, and Ping-Pong are a great way to bring a spirit of fun and competition to the corporate Christmas party.

Bar games can be relaxed and laid back, or they can turn into championships in a heartbeat. You can either set up tournaments beforehand, or simply let your employees organise themselves. All you have to do is make sure the venue is filled with the games!

6. Balloon Modelling


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A little bit silly, but a lot of fun. Anyway can get involved with balloon modelling and it’s a get opportunity to give your guests a prize for the most impressive (or imaginative) balloon model.

Our Balloon Modelling party is one of our most popular themes/games! Everyone loves competing to see who can come up with the most elaborate creations.

7. Dance Competitions


What could be more fun than showing off your dancing skills?

Dance competitions are so much fun to include as one of your Christmas party ideas, which is why it’s a major part of our all our Christmas parties.

Our guests get a chance to show off their skills at just about every dance style, and the winners take home a trophy or a bottle of bubbly to enjoy on the night.

You may find incredible dancers in the most surprising of employees! The quiet colleague who always sits in the corner may be hiding some serious dance moves, and now they have a chance to unleash them on the dance floor. What a great way to end the year!

8.    Magician

You may think of magic as being for children, but magic can be one of the best Christmas party entertainment ideas for adults. Adults like to be amazed and astounded just like children.

If you can find the right magician, you can turn your Christmas party into a night to remember!

You don’t even need a world-class stage illusionist, but a good street magician can do amazing things with very little. The up close and personal style of magic can actually be a lot of fun, and your employees will be astonished by the feats of “magic”. It’s a good way to keep the party relaxed—the perfect complement for a formal dinner or cocktail event.

Our JD Parties experts have found these to be some of the best corporate Christmas party entertainment ideas around.

We’ve had great success organising Christmas parties that get your employees laughing, smiling, talking, and relaxing. And that’s what the year-end party is all about, right?

If you want help setting up an epic party, let us do the work for you! We’re not just party planners—we’ve also got access to some of the best venues in the UK, world-class catering, and quality entertainment. We’re here to make your party dreams come true!


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