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5 Ideas for Après-Ski Themed Party

24th November 2016 | Parties | JD Parties Staff
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Winter is the time to hit those slopes and get in a weekend of skiing, snowboarding, and other snow sports while the sun is bright. But after dark, there’s nothing like an après-ski themed party to make your holiday truly unforgettable!

Après-ski literally means “after skiing”, and it’s a great way to warm up after a day spent on the slopes. But you don’t have to visit the slopes to enjoy an après-ski party!

You can turn your office Christmas party into an unforgettable event using this epic theme. An après-ski party will make your employees feel like they’re on holiday, and they’ll enjoy all the cosy elegance of the unique alpine party theme without ever having to leave the North-West of England!

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Our JD Parties experts have come up with a lot of après-ski party ideas you can use to throw your own après-ski themed party for Christmas. You’ll find the below tips and ideas for planning a Christmas party can help you turn any home, party venue, or even your office into an après-ski party to be a memorable one!

1. Hold it at Ice Bar Liverpool


Ice Bar Liverpool is a unique party venue, and one of our favourite places to hold an après-skiparty!

The icy  venue is decorated with ice sculptures, ice luges, and frozen ice glasses for cocktails. The venue itself has to be kept chilled to prevent the ice melting, so it’s the perfect place to make your employees feel like they’re enjoying a night on the slopes of the Matterhorn or Mont Blanc.

Everyone will have to wrap up to enter the venue, so they can don their winter parkas, scarves, and soft gloves and hats—all the gear they’d wear on a ski trip. Ice Bar Liverpool  can provide entertainment, food, and drinks, and there are plenty of spaces for those who prefer to stay out of the cold.

When we’re thinking about après-ski party ideas, Ice Bar Liverpool is one of the first places we consider!

2. Decorate a Blank Canvas Venue

Tatton Park, corporate christmas party

You may not be able to bring your entire company to the slopes, but why not bring the slopes to them?

We love renting out a blank canvas venue and decorating it like a ski lodge. We’ll set up a fireplace (complete with roaring fire), prop a few pairs of skis and snowshoes against the mantle, and hang winter coats, scarves, ski goggles, and gloves on the walls. More of our favourite decorative items include: ice skates, old-fashioned sleds and toboggans, and wreaths.

But we’re not done decorating yet! We like to print out photos of our favourite slopes and hang them on the walls. We use signs with names of the more famous skiing mountains and resorts as decorative elements.

Of course, the decorations wouldn’t be complete without soft lighting, courtesy of pillar candles scattered around the venue. The flickering candlelight will bathe the room in a soft glow, and you will feel a warm cosiness as you set up for the party.

(Note: We recommend using electric candles for safety’s sake.)

When your employees step into the venue, it will feel like they’re stepping into a log cabin by the ski slopes. They’ll love the cosy, relaxed ambience of the party!

3.    Send out Winter Invitations

christmas party invitation envelope

To complete the winter theme of the party, we love to send out wintry invitations. We’ve spent hours poring over this Winter Invitations Pinterest Board. While the invitations are primarily for weddings, they give us lots of awesome ideas of how to create winter-themed cards, e-vites, and printed invitations to send out.

You can get creative and make your own using whatever décor elements you like. We love the classic winter themes like snowflakes, falling snow, and snow-covered trees, but you can go for a ski-themed invitation as well.

Anything to let your employees know what sort of party to expect when they arrive!

4. Serve the Right Food and Drinks

apres ski party drink ideas

Of course, no après-ski party ideas are complete without the right food and drinks. Besides, it’s what your employees enjoy most about the party, right?

First off, the food. Think about the sort of food you’d want to eat after a long day of skiing. We like to serve comfort food such as:

[su_list icon=”icon: tree”]

  • French onion soup
  • Risotto
  • Mini chicken pot pies
  • Baked macaroni and cheese
  • Fondue


If you don’t want to serve a full meal, you can limit yourself to snacks and desserts that will warm up your guests. For example, try crème brulee, chocolate fondue stations, a chocolate fountain, brownies, fresh-baked cookies, and pudding or custard. These sweet snacks are guaranteed to put a smile on your employees’ faces.

For après-ski  drinks, you have no end of options. On the slopes, you’ll usually opt for a hot beverage like Hot Toddy or Hot Spiced Rum. Red Wine Hot Chocolate is a definite winner, and Irish Coffee can wake your attendees up and get them in the mood for partying. Warming drinks are a good option for the apres ski themed party.

Note: You don’t have to limit yourself to hot drinks. We like to serve chilled mulled wine, beer, or cocktails at our après-ski themed parties. It’s all about choosing what your employees will love.

5. Crank up the Après-Ski Tunes

apres ski party entertainment ideas

Coming up with the right entertainment for your corporate Christmas party is a must. Aside from the food, drinks, and relaxation, the entertainment is what your employees look forward to most.

For the après-ski theme, you’re better off keeping the entertainment fairly low-key. The ambience is relaxing and laid back, so bringing in a loud band, stand-up comedian, or dance troupe could throw off the mood. Instead, stick with après-ski music: traditional German, French, and Austrian music or classical music will do wonders to keep people happy and calm.

Of course, there’s no rule against turning things into an upbeat party. Why not hire a DJ to spin tunes and get your employees dancing? You may find that they have just enough energy left after a long holiday season to get their groove on!

The beauty of après-ski party ideas is that this is a fairly easy theme to pull off. It’s definitely one of our favourites when we’re considering hosting Christmas parties in Liverpool.

Our Alpine Ball theme is a popular one for corporate Christmas parties. Not only does it include all the food and drink your employees could want, but there are live shows, party games, dance competitions, and music to get your employees moving.

What did you think of our après-ski party plans? Do you think it would be a fun party? Got any advice on how we can kick things up a notch and improve on our theme? Drop a comment below—we’d love to hear from you!

JD Parties can help you make your company Christmas party the event of the season. Not only do we provide full party-planning services, but as a member of the Concerto Group, we have access to the best venues, entertainment providers, and caterers. Contact us today and let us know how we can help you with your Christmas party.


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