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Top 5 Christmas Fundraising Ideas for the Festive Season

3rd November 2016 | Charities | JD Parties Staff
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Christmas is a time when people are willing to give, a season of generosity and goodwill. It’s definitely a good idea to take advantage of the holidays to throw a fundraiser for your charitable organisation. Not only will you have a greater chance of raising funds, but people will already be in the party spirit—and thus more likely to attend your fundraiser.

Here at JD Parties we love Christmas events of any sort. We love to throw Christmas parties for small groups, companies, and charities. But hosting a Christmas party — and also doing some fundraising at the same time — is a bit different than throwing any other type of party.

Below, we’ve come up with a few of the best Christmas fundraising ideas for you to try to make the most of the holidays. With our Christmas fundraising events, you can raise the needed funds, find long-term donors, and brighten your guests’ holiday season.

1. Christmas Auction

christmas bazaar

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Christmas presents and charitable giving: talk about combining the best of both worlds!

A great way to encourage people to donate is to hold an auction for items everyone wants: travel plans, concert tickets, new gadgets and electronics, special spa deals, gift baskets, and the list goes on. Invite people to your Christmas charity auction, and show them what you’re auctioning off.

Start by auctioning the product at slightly below cost, but don’t be surprised if the bids end up significantly higher than the initial price. After all, anything above expenses goes to the charitable organisation.

The beauty of auctions is that most people are willing to pay a bit more for a product they want if it benefits a charity. You can buy the products yourself (a part of the event expenses) or ask local companies for donations.

Definitely one of the best Christmas fundraising ideas to try.

2. Christmas Gala Dinner with Awards Ceremony

christmas gala dinner with awards ceremony

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If you have been collecting donations all year long, it’s a good idea to recognise and honour those who have contributed. A gala dinner and awards ceremony is an excellent theme for the event!

This event won’t be a fundraiser in the sense that you’re going to walk away with more money for the organisation. However, it’s a good way to show your gratitude, which will encourage donors to contribute again in the future. It’s an investment in the long-term future of your organisation.

Start off with a gala dinner—formal wear and all—and give your guests time to mingle, talk, eat, and drink. Once the dinner is finished, begin the awards ceremony.

Honour the donors who have made the greatest contributions to your organisation, and present them with a plaque, medal, or award for all they’ve done. It’s a fun, relaxing event that will make everyone feel good for doing their part.

3. Christmas Fair

christmas fair fundraising idea

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A Christmas Fair or Bazaar is a two-for-one: it gives you a chance to showcase what you do while allowing you to raise funds.

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There are two elements to consider:

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  • Christmas goods for sale


Christmas cakes, biscuits, chocolates, trinkets, lights, decorations, and crafts can all be sold at the event. You can even tell your guests that the prices are slightly marked up in order to raise funds for the charity.

People will usually be willing to buy even something small for a good cause. Get enough people, and you can raise a good deal of funds for your organisation.

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  • Presentation of your efforts


This is one of the best Christmas fundraising ideas if you can get your hands on a large quantity of Christmas-themed items. Either make, buy, or ask for sponsorship of the items, and use them to generate funds for your cause.

4. Christmas Bake-Off

chirstmas bake off fundraising idea

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What do we love most about Christmas? Aside from presents, it’s definitely the Christmas treats: cakes, chocolates, biscuits, and more!

Why not turn our love for Christmas treats into one of the most effective Christmas fundraising events? Set up a Christmas bake-off, where people can compete for the prize of the “best” cake  or Christmas treat.

This is one to set up far in advance, as you’ll want to give your attendees time to plan  what they want to bake. By making it a competition, you bring the fun and spirit of friendly rivalry. You can have cash prizes or goods (donated, if possible) for the winners.

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To raise funds, either:

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  • Ask anyone who wants to enter to pay a small fee, with the hope of winning the grand prize
  • Allow entrants to enter for free, but ask guests to pay a small fee for the chance to eat all the Christmas treats they want


Both can work, depending on your audience.

On the day of the event, you can have live music, a DJ, or Christmas carollers singing in the background as people wander from stall to stall to try the different contestants’ cakes. Then comes the judging – you could ask local chefs, food bloggers, and even celebrities to try the various entries. After the prizes are handed out, let people wander around and keep enjoying the treats.

Talk about a delicious way to spend a holiday while raising funds for a charity!

5. Santa Run

santa run

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Fun runs are an awesome fundraising method at almost any time of year. The idea of running during the winter chill may not appeal to all, but some people will relish the challenge.

A Santa Run is a great way to make the event fun. People run dressed up as Santa (beards and hats provided by you), but there is no “grand prize” to win. It’s all about fun!

To raise funds, ask everyone to donate to participate in the race, and pledge to raise an additional amount before the race. This will not only get people engaged in the event, but the organisation itself.

These are some of our favourite Christmas fundraising ideas, but we’ve got many more! JD Parties has years of experience organising Christmas parties with a fundraising element. After all, you want to take advantage of the season of giving to raise funds for your organisation. And, of course, give your donors and guests a wonderful time!

We’re happy to help you make your event something everyone will enjoy—not to mention a good way to raise funds.

This year at any JD party you attend, you’ll have the opportunity to raise money for three amazing charities. Find out more about them here.

Got any more fundraising ideas you think would work?


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