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5 New York Themed Party Ideas

29th November 2016 | Parties | JD Parties Staff
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Every employee’s favourite time of year is the holidays, which is when they get to take time off of work to spend with their families. But before that, there’s the most anticipated annual company event: the Christmas party.

Corporate Christmas parties are a chance for employees to blow off steam and relax, and it’s a chance for the company to show their appreciation for a year of hard work. It’s up to you, the party planner, to come up with the right theme.

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A good Christmas party theme can add an element of originality to the event, spicing it up and making it stand out from all the other Christmas parties the employees have attended. It’s why we’ve invested so much effort into coming up with awesome, unique Christmas party themes.

One of our favourite themes is a New York themed party. New York is one of the most amazing cities in the world, and there are so many unique ways to bring a taste of the Big Apple into your party.

Below are a few of the best New York themed party ideas we’ve come up with:

1. New York Celebrity Dress-Up

new york christmas party theme idea, jd parties

New York is home to hundreds of celebrities: actors, TV personalities, musicians, comedians, entrepreneurs, and politicians. All of these people can provide your employees with ideas for an epic costume party!

One of our favourite New York themed party ideas is a dress-up party where everyone tries to look like a New York City celebrity. Your employees can do a search for celebrities in NYC and see if they can find someone who they can dress up as. It’s a challenge to see who can be the most creative with their outfits!

Of course, to really spice things up, we like to hire a celebrity impersonator to attend our party. A lookalike can be a lot of fun to have at a party, as they make a living acting, dressing, and talking like the real life celebrities.

The theme of the evening can be a costume party, and you can have games and competitions to see who can be the best impersonator. Have the professional celebrity impersonator judge the event, and award prizes to the winners. Talk about a fun night at a New York themed party!

2. New York Food Tour

beef burgers with cheese, new york themed party food idea

If there’s one thing people remember when they visit New York City, it’s the food. There’s street food (New York pizza, hot dogs, giant pretzels, and the list goes on) and elegant restaurants, and don’t forget China Town!  We love to bring a taste of New York into our New York parties!

If you’re working on a tight budget, have your caterer prepare all New York street food. Set up a hot dog stand, complete with the classic New York toppings: grilled onions and peppers, relish, and condiments. Have a pizza stand where everyone can grab a slice of the thin-crust New York pizza. Have a baker whip up a batch of the giant pretzels sold on the street.

But if you’ve got a bit more to spend, why not bring a taste of upper-class New York cuisine to the parties? You can find the favourite dishes served at Manhattan’s finest eateries and ask the caterer to prepare them for you.

We love the food of New York—both the simple and elegant fare—and your guests are guaranteed to love it as well!

3. Go to Broadway

new york christmas party entertainment, jd parties

There are few places more well-known in New York than the glittering lights and showrooms of Broadway. It’s there that world-class musicals like Hamilton, Wicked, and Mamma Mia are performed for people from around the globe.

For an awesome Christmas party entertainment idea, turn your party into a Broadway performance. Hire a theatre troupe to stage a live performance at your corporate event, recreating one of the more famous Broadway plays.

Or, try turning your party into a Broadway with your employees as the performers! Rent out a Karaoke machine, and give everyone a chance to sing their favourite show tune. You’d be surprised by how many of your employees are hiding a musical talent.

The Broadway-themed party will need a lot of flashing lights and beautiful music. It’s one of our favourite themes to end a work year in style.

4. New York Speakeasy

New York Speakeasy christmas party theme, jd parties

New York is home to some of the oldest speakeasies in the country. These hidden bars serve delicious 1920s-era cocktails, and everyone dresses up in the clothing popular during the Prohibition days of the 1920s and 30s.

What a party theme to try out! The Roaring 20s is one of our favourite themes, as it’s a chance for everyone (including us) to enjoy some of the oldest cocktails from the United States. Plus, with all the gorgeous flapper dresses and elegant suits, everyone looks incredibly dapper.

But the costumes are just the beginning. Our Roaring 20s theme includes Prohibition Era cocktails, finger foods, and live music. It’s one of our favourite ways to bring a taste of yesteryear to our modern parties. With the secretive, exclusive ambience of a real life speakeasy venue in your city, you can give your employees a chance to party like it’s 1925!

5. New York, New York

new york, new york christmas party at tatton park

For large corporate Christmas parties, there’s nothing we enjoy more than hosting a New York, New York themed party. It’s a combination of everything people love about the Big Apple, brought to a party venue near you.

First, the evening is kicked off with a glass of champagne and live music and entertainment. The three-course banquet is prepared by a talented team of chefs, and you’re off on an adventure of a New York-themed show, bright costumes, and the “starlight” of 10,000 ceiling bulbs shining overhead.

The balloon modelling competition gives everyone a chance to be creative , and the prize is a round of drinks. Next follows a dance competition, where everyone dances their heart out to win a bottle of champagne. A final live performance takes place before the DJ turns up the beat, and everyone ends the night with a proper party.

This is the New York themed party for you if you want to give your employees an unforgettable evening!

What do you think of these New York themed party ideas? We hope they’ve given you a few ideas of your own on how to turn your party into a unique, year-ending affair your employees will love.

Got any suggestions of how we can kick things up a notch? Leave a comment below and share any tips or tricks that could help us make our parties even better!

JD Parties is more than just a team party planners extraordinaire. As part of the Concerto Group, we have access to world-class catering, the best venues in the UK, and entertainment services to provide everything you need.

Let’s work together to give your employees the Christmas party they’ve worked all year long to deserve.


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