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Top 8 New Year’s Eve Party Theme Ideas

13th December 2016 | New Year's Eve | JD Parties Staff

There are few things we love more than a party to ring in the New Year!

A New Year’s Eve celebration is the best way to look back at all the fun we had in the last year, but look forward to what’s ahead—all in the company of family and friends. Plus, there’s all the music, dancing, and enjoyment we could ask for.

But we’ve found that adding a theme to a New Year’s Eve party can enhance the experience. New Year’s Eve party themes can bring an extra element of fun and adventure to the party.

Below, we’ve come up with a few ideas for awesome New Year’s Eve themed parties to get you started planning an awesome event:

 1. Black and White Ball

What is it about black and white that adds a touch of elegance to everything? The “Black and White party” is one of our favourited New Year’s Eve party themes, as it’s one everyone can do easily. After all, they only need to come dressed head to toe in a mixture of white and black—no other colours!

For the décor, black and white can be striking and elegant. Think of all those black and white film classics! and  You can even have the DJ crank up the tunes and set black and white lights playing around the venue.

It’s an elegant theme, and one that is guaranteed to impress your guests.

2. The Roaring 20s

The Roaring 20s New Years Eve party theme

The Prohibition Era was a time of secret bars, delicious cocktails, and elegant men and women.

We love this theme so much we throw New Year’s Eve themed parties set in the Roaring 20s all the time.

Women arrive in their dazzling flapper dresses, men dressed in fancy tuxedos.  A secretive underground speakeasy serving forbidden alcoholic beverages and cocktails. Smooth jazz, uptempo swing, and all the music and dancing you could ask for. It’s every New Year’s Eve party wish rolled into one!

3. Glitter Party

What could be more fun that making everything sparkle? A glitter party is the perfect event for those who want to bring in the New Year amid a shower of glitter and bright lights.

The venue itself will be decorated with minimalist décor, but with a coating of glitter that reflects the lights used to illuminate the halls. When it’s time to party, out comes the disco ball. At midnight, you ring in the New Year with a shower of glittering confetti!

You can also get creative by adding edible glitter into the food and drinks. Use a bit of body glitter to mark each person as they enter the venue. As the party kicks off and the strobe lights start to flash, everyone will add to the glitter in the room!

4. The Alpine Ball

The Alpine Ball New Year's Eve Party at Tatton Park

What could be more awesome than an après-ski party. .

With the Alpine Ball, we transform any venue into a winter wonderland. It’s an  après-ski experience that will make you feel like you’re in an elegant ski resort. There’s music, dancing, games, competitions, and entertainment galore.

Don’t forget the delicious champagne, warming après-ski drinks, and the five course meal to make you feel like you’re living the high life.

5. Masquerade Ball

What makes a Masquerade ball so special? Perhaps it’s the fact that the mask hides people’s true identities, allowing them to “step out of their skins” and enjoy life the way they want to!

Masquerade Balls are an awesome party theme, and a great way to ring in the New Year.

The only requirement for New Year’s Eve themed parties with this theme is that EVERYONE has to wear a mask. They can come dressed to impress, but they must wear their mask all night!

6.  York, New York Party

York, New York Party Theme idea for New Year's Eve party

Nowhere else in the world is New Year’s Eve done like it is in New York City. Between the massive crowds watching the Ball Drop, the epic parties that take place around the Big Apple, and the never-ending revelry, it’s an amazing way to welcome in the new year.

But if you can’t go to New York, let us bring New York to you with our awesome New York, New York party theme. We bring the lights of NYC to the venue hall by installing 10,000 ceiling lights, and the décor of the venue looks like something straight out of New York itself.

With the live New York-themed show, delicious food, and dance competitions, you have everything you need to give your guests the time of their lives.

7. Black Light

You’d be amazed by what the black light reveals!

To get into the party, everyone has to wear light-coloured clothing. You can hand out glow sticks to each of your guests, and use glow in the dark markers to draw on white T-shirts or even the walls. Once you turn off the regular lights, the room will light up in an almost surreal display of colour.

To really complete the theme, make sure all of your food and drinks glow in the dark. Tonic water glows under black light, so use it in all your cocktails or in jelly shots. Hummus, cheese, and other neutral-toned foods will look amazing in the black light.

8. Casino Royale

Casino Royale New Year's Eve themed party at Aintree

Who wouldn’t want to ring in the New Year while playing and laughing with friends?

You won’t be able to gamble for actual money, but everyone is able to play for prizes or charity donations. You’ll find it’s easy to set up Roulette tables, Poker tables, Blackjack tables, and other smaller game tables so everyone has a chance to participate.

With the endless stream of cocktails and appetizers flowing through your “casino”, your guests are guaranteed to be happy.

You can give a special “Christmas gifts” to your guests by buying into the gambling for them. They won’t have to spend a penny of their hard-earned money, but they’ve got a very real chance of winning some epic prizes!

What do you think of these New Year’s Eve party themes? Got any more you’d like to suggest? Tweet to @JDParties and give us your recommendations!

At JD Parties, our goal is to ensure your New Year’s Eve is truly unforgettable. We’ll help you plan a party like no other, complete with restaurant-quality food and drink, world-class venues, and amazing entertainment. With our help, you’ll give your employees, customers, and suppliers a New Year’s Eve they’ll remember forever.


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