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Silly ski outfits

19th April 2017 | Birmingham | JD Parties Staff
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Our favourite silly ski outfits over the years

You may have seen it before – someone wearing a ski outfit that wouldn’t look out of place at a fancy dress party. Here are some silly ski outfits through the decades!


Hilarious skiing outfits from the 1960s onwards


In the 1960’s, ski clothing often comprised lighter fabrics that were tailored to the skier and often included eye-catching colours like bright red. This represented the second stage of ski fashion, and was a perfect depiction of the flamboyancy and glamour of the era. Some funny example include Audrey Hepburn in her chocolate-style Givenchy cat suit (Charade, 1963), and Jean Claude Killy in his bright red outfit (Killy Sports magazine, 1968).

silly ski outfits

Image courtesy of rareaudreyhepburn.com



In the 1970’s, skiing fashion became somewhat more refined, with beautiful long silhouettes and saturated colours. Nylon jackets and fleeces also become increasingly popular, although compared to modern-day standards, some outfits leave something to be desired. One of them is the VTG 70s Innsbruck Ski Quilt – which is quite literally a bed quilt turned into a ski suit (as if by magic).

silly ski outfits

Image courtesy of skimag.com



In the 1980s, skiing fashion took on a whole new style and became even more outrageous, much like mainstream fashion at the time. It incorporated the bright colours of the ’60’s, the boldness of the ’70’s, and some weird new features like big white headbands and geometric shapes. One outfit that stands out is the Warren Miller Neon ’80’s Ski Collection with its intensely bright jackets and funky ‘face-melting’ sunglasses.

silly ski outfits

Image courtesy of shinesty.com



The 1990’s toned things down a bit compared to previous decades. In fact, the skiing fashion of this era wouldn’t look entirely out of place today. Typical outfits would include the Salopettes jacket and pants, with bright colours but more simplistic, plain designs. However, this decade did see the introduction of unusually large ski hats that were more of a liability than a fashion statement.

silly ski outfits

Image courtesy of skihats.com


More recent times

In the 21st century, luxury skiwear has become more sought after. However, vintage has also risen in popularity, perhaps because designers are either running out of ideas or consumers are feeling increasingly nostalgic. Of course, the dramatic neon themes of the ’80’s are generally a no-no these days (unless you have been invited to a strictly 80’s-style ski-themed fancy dress party).

silly ski outfits

Image courtesy of outdoorgearlab.com


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