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How to plan your Company Christmas party | Private party essentials

13th February 2019 | Party Planning | Susy Collier

A lot goes into making sure the company Christmas party is properly organised.  As Christmas is all about fun, festivities and sharing we thought we’d put together some tips on how to throw the best company Christmas Party ever (and hopefully take a bit of the stress out of the equation!).


We know it feels really early but with so many people booking events on similar dates, it really is the best idea to get (snow)ball rolling as soon as you can in the year for your company Christmas party.

Those last days before the winter holidays are going to be busy for party venues, who will be hosting multiple private and corporate Christmas parties.

You need to know what is the last “official” day of work, and plan a party on that day. NO ONE wants to come back to work the day after the office Christmas party! Contact Human Resources to find out what is the last official day of work, and schedule the party for that afternoon or evening.

Depending on the type of industry your company is in you may want to consider booking your Company Christmas party on a weekday or holding it in January or November to give you more flexibility and help your budget stretch more.

Also not everyone celebrates Christmas, but we all celebrate the New Year and enjoy the holiday season as a whole. Greater cultural diversity in workplaces means people are moving away from just celebrating ‘Christmas’ as a religious event to having parties that celebrate the wider ‘winter holiday’ period and end of year successes.



If you want to find out what people are looking forward to in their Christmas party, why not simply ask them? Draft up a questionnaire with a few simple questions like:

What was your favourite part of last year’s company Christmas party?

What would you like to see again at this year’s company Christmas party?

People can give you their feedback on their likes and dislikes of the previous year’s party and their responses will help you to plan a party filled with the elements that people liked.

You will never be able to take everyone’s suggestions into account. It’s very likely that there will be conflicting answers (some people loved the food/DJ/music/venue/games, while others hated it). Try to determine the greatest common denominators in all the feedback, and include the elements most people found enjoyable.

Send the questions to a few key people (no more than 20). Get answers from the various department heads, along with a few random employees. This cross-section will make it easier to gauge the overall mood without having to wade through hundreds of responses.


Technically, the theme for a company Christmas party is usually just ‘Christmas’, but if that’s how you always do it, why not break the mould and try a fun, creative theme such as:

Carnivale | A riotous celebration of mardi gras, calypso and samba- an intoxicating christmas ‘carnivale’ brings South America to your company Christmas party.

Party à Paris | Host your company Christmas party magic of Montmarte lies a vivid world of glamour, passion and Parisian burlesque.

…And then why not introduce your own company Christmas party fancy dress competition to complement the theme.



Most corporations will set aside a certain amount of money every year for their corporate Christmas party, knowing how important they are to the employees. However, it’s your job to make that money stretch as far as possible.

Look for the service providers (venues, caterers, entertainment, décor, etc.) that offer the best value and give you the WOW factor for the money you’re spending.  Try to find all-in-one services. Instead of hiring a number of different vendors for all of your services, try to find vendors that provide everything. The bundled costs of all their services will usually be cheaper than hiring a number of different vendors.

Spend on the important elements first. Most people will enjoy a Christmas party as long as there is music and plenty of food and drinks. These are the things that matter most, so most of your budget should go to those things. Extras all come after you’ve hired a good caterer and great entertainment.



After a year spent in your offices and workplaces it’s going to be tough for your employees to get into the “party spirit” if they don’t get out of their usual environment. This means you’ll definitely want to look into venues OUTSIDE your corporate building or offices.

What type of venue should you look for? That is entirely up to you and your preferences for the party. However, here are a few types of venues to consider:

Custom built venues are dedicated to hosting parties, and they’re accustomed to transforming their blank canvas space into a room dedicated to fun and dancing!

You might want to choose to get out of the city and go somewhere new and fresh that offers the wow factor and gives a sense of arrival.

Go for a venue that is unique and different to make this Christmas party one to remember!



As much as you want to believe your employees are at the party for the sake of company morale, really they’re there just to kick back and relax. You can be certain that a good number of them are there because they’re looking forward to eating and drinking on the company dime.

So give them what they want! Choose a caterer that provides delicious, high quality food. Don’t try to wow your employees with too-fancy dishes, but give them the kind of fare they enjoy. Make it a party for THEM, so give them the food and drink they are looking forward to–and plenty of it!


People begin to make their Christmas and holiday plans once they know when the last day of work is. Some plan to leave town the minute they get off work, while others leave a day or two later.

If you want everyone to attend the work Christmas party, you need to get the invitations out as soon as possible–before they make their holiday plans. Start planning the event earlier in the year.  Send out invitations no later than mid-November. This will ensure the Christmas party is a factor in all your employees’ plans.



Most party planners immediately think to hire DJs or a band, but if your employees aren’t keen on dancing, why not consider hiring an acting troupe, a stand-up comedian, a comedic magician, or some other unique form of entertainment? Try thinking outside the box to make this Christmas party fun and fresh!


JD Parties can offer you the perfect Christmas party solution, with no minimum party size and the option to exclusively hire the party venues in Birmingham  and Manchester – it’s a party that suits everyone and one that no one will ever forget.


JD Parties are passionate about Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties and events. If you are looking for a venue that can accommodate up to 1500 for dinner, exclusive hire of ‘Party à Paris’ at ICC Birmingham or ‘Carnivale’ at Tatton Park, Manchester are available for just that.

Exclusive hire also means you can add your extra touches to our fully immersive theme. Whether you would like to create a themed menu, specially designed cocktails, or extra audio-visual entertainment, our talented events producers are on hand to design your perfect event with you. Taking over our full venue allows you to create a memorable and unique Christmas event exclusively for your guests. Speak to our dedicated team on 0333 241 2515 and we can work with you to create a bespoke package.

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