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Fabulous Corporate Christmas Party Ideas

9th September 2019 | Party Planning | Becky
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When it comes to thinking about corporate Christmas party ideas, the last thing you want to imagine is spending more time in the office partying around your desk, finding your colleagues inebriated and shamelessly taking candid photos with the photocopier!

The Office Christmas Party is the perfect time of the year to let loose, getting to know your co-workers in an informal and neutral environment and most importantly to make a toast to another year of working together as a team.

To get you thinking about how to plan the next festive office bash here’s a few ideas about planning the perfect corporate office party.

  1. Get Out of the Office. We’ve said it before, and we can’t recommend it enough – it’s time to turn off your computer, put your out of office on and spend time away from the screen at a Christmas party venue that will set your team up for a fantastic seasonal night of fun!Our top suggestions include checking the capacity of prospective venues.  It is unusual for everyone in the office to be able to all attend on the chosen date, however with lots of people there is nothing worse than cramming everyone into a small sweaty room just because it might be the cheapest option.Always ask for possible options with seating arrangements to ensure that there are enough tables and chairs to go round, guests like to sit down, have a natter and take a break from pulling some moves on the dancefloor!   Throw in a few mince pies, a glass of two of mulled wine and a cracker or two and the festive spirit will soon appear.
  2. Party Games. Nothing brings the team together more than organising party games to get everyone involved. They can be as advanced or as easy as you like – the main thing is it’s all about having fun!  Great for team building, people don’t have to take them too seriously and after a few drinks we are sure that your colleagues will be in high spirits and that their competitive streaks will shine through!Set up teams and mix people up so they’re not grouped with those who they work with every day and have the opportunity to mingle.  Our ideas include classic party games, to include a Christmas quiz, responsible drinking games, charades, and mystery ‘clue’ games.
  3. Themed Nights. Yes, you can hire a room, buy a bucket of drinks on the table and hire a DJ hoping it’s enough to get your colleagues moving, but do you really think that’s going to get everyone pumped and excited for Christmas?Organising a theme night for your corporate Christmas party is guaranteed to really get the team interested in getting together and celebrating.  It gives the party a central focus as it is a great conversation starter for everyone in the office both in terms of building up the anticipation of a great evening and chatting through outfits, décor and arrangements for the night itself.Themed Christmas party nights vary greatly and the best part is that they are limited only by our imaginations!  Our ideas for this year include transforming your world into the glamorous setting of Party à Paris and wearing your best glad rags to celebrate in true Parisian style. From choreographed entertainers to fine Parisian themed décor, it truly is a spectacular themed Christmas night that embodies the spirit of this magical city for everyone in the Company to be enthralled by.

    Or why not travel to a new continent to enjoy the spirit of Latin America at a themed Christmas Carnivale night.  This is a night where calypso and samba summon up the unique spirit of South America and the beautiful colours of carnival are evident through spectacular costumes and theming.

    Bringing things closer to home is an equally attractive option, what about a Twenties themed corporate party?   The 1920’s is an era made increasingly popular by the grit and glamour of the Peaky Blinders, as girls with feathers mixed with men in flat caps.   The possibilities to dress up for a party themed in this decade are numerous as your guests party to the jazz and blues music that entertained those out to have a good time.

  4. Employee Awards Ceremony.   What a better way to say thank you to everyone for their hard work than to organise an employee awards ceremony. The build-up to this part of the night always bodes well (just wait for the speeches!) and is the perfect motivator to encourage colleagues to work hard and consider themselves as a prospective winner at next year’s ceremony.Hand out bottles of champagne or prosecco and offer something for the winners to take home such as a framed certificate or trophy as a keepsake reminder of their achievements throughout the year.
  5. Share your Christmas party. Mix things up a bit and share your corporate Christmas party with another company to encourage people to mingle. Taking your team out of the office and hosting a party in an unfamiliar venue with people they don’t know is a fantastic way to encourage everyone to network and meet someone new.  A professionally organised shared Christmas party is a great option if you are a smaller company limited on numbers and you want a BIG party atmosphere on a smaller budget (most tables are made up of 8-10 guests and you will always be next to one another).The best part is, you never know where the night may take your colleagues! They could meet the love of their life, make new friends and even pave the path to open up new business opportunities.

If themed corporate Christmas parties sound right up your street there is still time to book with our party planning events team who are there to make sure that you have one of the best nights ever – creating unforgettable party packages is our expertise as it is really all about making memories and saying thank you for a year of hard work.

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