Our favourite masked films and characters

masked films and characters

We’re very excited about our brand new party at The Grand Marquee at Tatton Park. The Masked Ball will be filled with mystery, intrigue, entertainment and of course, masks!

masked films and characters

Since Fifty Shades Darker has just been released, we started thinking about other masked films and characters. Here are a few of our favourites:

Phantom of the Opera

Everyone knows this story, and whether it’s the West End musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber or one of the films (we’re a fan of the one with Gerard Butler), the chilling and hypnotic soundtrack is one which you’ll never forget.

Mask of Zorro

A family favourite, with Anthony Hopkins, Antonio Banderas and Catherine Zeta Jones. Full of adventure, a lot of cheese, and a little bit of a love story, this story sees the original Zorro (Hopkins) teaching the new Zorro (Banderas) all the ways to be a masked crusader.

The Mask

We love everything about this comedy, from Jim Carrey just being Jim Carrey, to the songs and the silliness, and the introduction of Cameron Diaz. Our favourite song, Cuban Pete!


Directed by Jim Henson and staring the late David Bowie, this 80s classic has a masquerade ball scene full of fantasy, magic and enchantment. But where’s the Goblin King’s mask?!


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