Where Would you Lock up a Budgie?

Just one of the questions you might be asked if you were to take part in the Manchester Taxi Treasure Hunt!

Following the success of the London Taxi Treasure Hunt it was decided to bring the popular event up North.  Designed to develop team building skills for corporate bookings, it’s also a great and fun choice for personalised events.

As a Manchester Taxi Treasure Hunt participant you’re armed with a clue booklet, a camcorder, a map, a drink hamper and are given the first clue by your friendly Cabbie to get the Hunt started. Your Cabbie then proceeds to give you a series of location based clues until ending up in your final destination where you’re rewarded with a lunch, dinner or a party dependent on your brief.

Whether you book for a fun way to explore the sights of your city with friends or for a great opportunity to encourage creativity and collaboration between staff members, you’re destined to experience a taxi journey like you’ve never experienced before!

For more information visit the website or to book your Manchester Taxi Treasure Hunt today contact JD Concerto, 0844 318 3903, chloe.herbert@concertogroup.co.uk

P.S. Answer – The Birdcage.